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The Hartford Courant, August 14, 1960

February 1960 - The WDRC Phone Forum allowed listeners to call CHapel 27751 and record their comments on issues of the day. Each call aired was rewarded with one dollar; the best caller each week received five dollars!

August 17, 1960 - The final CBS Network programs were aired on WDRC as a thirty year relationship came to an end.

audio - August 18, 1960 August 18, 1960 - Radio Fun was launched with a format of contemporary music and news, plus a deejay staff known as The Friendly Five. Click for more on Funday.

November 18, 1960 - William Crawford was appointed general manager succeeding Victor E. Forker.

December 1960 - Bill Crawford was promoted to vice president of Buckley-Jaeger Broadcasting and program manager Charles R. Parker was promoted to assistant general manager.

"Fun Is" billboard

1962 - Listeners phoned in for contests at 242-7754.

May 19, 1963 - Thousands of listeners joined the first of four annual Teenage Marches Against Leukemia to raise money for Danny Thomas and St. Jude's Hospital.

July 28, 1963 - A twice monthly column began running in The Hartford Courant TV magazine. Ghost written mostly by Charlie Parker, it featured DJ photos, interviews and interesting tidbits about station staff and promotions. It ran till June 25, 1967, then resumed from April 7-June 16, 1968.

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November, 1963 - Listeners got a new phone number to use for contests: 278-1360.

December, 1963 - New Britain fundialers got their own contest phone number: BA5-7747.

July, 1966 - A new phone number was installed specifically for listeners to phone in requests: 987-6205.

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August 10, 1966 - Vice president and general manager William Crawford announced the signing of a lease for the entire 15th floor at WDRC's previous address, 750 Main Street. It was a 20-year agreement and while renovations began immediately it was believed the station wouldn't begin moving until November.

August 31, 1966 - WDRC FM received FCC permission to increase output from 7 to 17.5kw effective radiated power.

April, 1967 - WDRC's album of oldies, Color Me OBG, was released on Roulette Records.

May, 1967 - A new 50,000 watt FM transmitter was installed; WDRC studios moved downtown to 750 Main Street. For the first time, separate programming was broadcast on WDRC FM during certain hours with a new staff of deejays including Bradley Field, Kent Clark and Don Berns.

February 29, 1968 - After John Jaeger's 20% interest was bought by his partner, the name of the company was changed to Buckley Broadcasting Corporation of Connecticut.

March 1968 - Assistant general manager and program director Charlie Parker was named vice president of programming.

audio - October 18, 1968 August, 1968 - Ken Griffin began hosting a late-night underground music show, Scene of the Unheard, from 11PM-1AM. Originally aired six nights a week (and later just on Saturday), it was marketed as the first program of its type on a major station in America. The Hartford Courant (Sunday, October 6, 1968, p.16, Home Entertainment Section) reported major record labels were "bending over backwards to provide" WDRC with product.

September, 1968 - Salesman Michael Boudreau replaced William Crawford as vice president and general manager.

April 1969 - Richard S. Korsen replaced Michael Boudreau as vice president and general manager. Korsen previously worked for Buckley's KGIL San Fernando and WWTC Minneapolis.

July, 1969 - The station became affiliated with Scene 2 magazine, a nationally-syndicated publication on the music world which contained several WDRC-related pages each month.

September, 1969 - WDRC FM begins operating in multiplex stereo.

Big D Big Sound Survey, September 26, 1969
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