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Studio Complex
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When WDRC moved back to 750 Main Street in June, 1967, it occupied the 15th floor of the same building it was housed in between 1936-54 (on the 16th floor). The studio complex was a showcase visible from the area outside the elevator and inside the lobby. Shaped like a "Big D," it was raised a foot above floor level and built on a special floating structure to minimize noise. All the wiring ran underneath the floor and each panel of wall-to-wall carpeting was removable for access to the wiring. Acoustical plaster covered the studio walls for additional soundproofing.

Big D studio complex, circa 1967

While the graphic above was done from memory in 1999, click on the graphic below for the actual 1967 architect's rendering.

1967 architect's rendering of 750 Main Street studio complex

Wayne Mulligan & Dan Marusczak Circa 1972 - Chief engineer Wayne Mulligan and board engineer Dan Maruszczak in the engineering control room at Big D. Note curved wall behind which were (l-r:) AM studio, newsroom, news booth, and FM studio. Engineers produced all AM shows, controlling commercials, jingles and reel to reel tape playback. FM announcers ran their own consoles.
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