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Jim Sharpley February 16, 1990 - Jim Sharpley had become the voice of traffic reports on WDRC AM and FM; he was married to WDRC reporter Kim Zachary.  
Dick Korsen - 1970 March 21, 1991 - Executive vice president and general manager Richard S. Korsen, and his wife Ursula, died in the crash of their private airplane. Station manager and chief engineer Wayne Mulligan was appointed Korsen's successor. Wayne Mulligan - 2000

late July, 1991 - WDRC AM began simulcasting the 6PM news from WTNH TV8 in New Haven, Monday through Friday. By September 30 (perhaps earlier), WDRC AM and FM were airing CNN Radio newscasts.

September 15, 1991 - WDRC AM switched to Unistar's "AM Only" format with standards from the 40s, 50s and 60s. It also added "Sounds of Sinatra with Sid Mark," formerly aired by WTIC, Saturday nights at 6PM.

Brad Davis - September 16, 1991

audio:  August 1, 1988February 15, 1993 - WDRC AM moved to syndicated talk. The daily fare included Brad Davis 5-10AM; music 10AM-1PM; The Dolans 1-3PM; Gene Burns 3-5PM; music 5-6PM; a simulcast of WVIT Channel 30 news 6-6:30PM; music 6:30-10PM; Dr. Joy Browne 10PM-1AM; music 1-5AM. Davis (left) hosted essentially the only local program.

September 11, 1994 - Dick Robinson hosted a three hour nostalgia special on WDRC FM which was still playing oldies. It was his first program on the station since 1972.

August 19-20, 1995 - To celebrate the 35th anniversary of dropping CBS and beginning a format of pop music, WDRC FM brought back many former personalities for the weekend including Ron Landry, Jim Raynor, Jerry Bishop, Jim Nettleton, Dick Pace, Aaron Shepard, Bill Hart, Joey Reynolds, Ken Griffin, Kent Clark, Dick Robinson, Bill Rock, Dick McDonough, Bob DeCarlo, Bob Craig and Dik Haddad.
audio:  July 18, 1992An unusual guest was Dick Heatherton who had actually spent several years competing against Big D as a WPOP Boss Jock. He was heard on WDRC AM from 1992-94 as one of the satellite voices on Unistar's "AM Only."

April, 1996 - By this time both stations had established a presence on the World Wide Web at www.wdrc.com. Click for sample Brad Davis or Jerry Kristafer pages (note links are not active).

May, 1996 - WDRC AM added the syndicated - and controversial - Bob Grant Show 3-6PM but dropped it in September.

November 14, 1996 - Buckley bought WSNG Torrington (which was dark) to simulcast WDRC AM. WSNG logo

February, 1997 - Buckley bought WWCO Waterbury to simulcast WDRC AM.

September 3, 1997 - By this date (and perhaps earlier) WDRC AM was simulcasting the 6PM news from WVIT TV 30.

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September, 1998 - Buckley bought WMMW Meriden to simulcast WDRC AM. WMMW logo
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