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Over the years WDRC has employed a variety of vehicles in its mobile fleet. Here are a few examples, strarting with the Volkswagen bus used in 1964. That's Ron Landry outside the Allyn Theatre just prior to the shows on March 14 & 15, 1964.

1964 - WDRC Mobile STjudio and announcer Ron Landry



This Land Rover was the WDRC News Department's mobile unit around 1968-69 (courtesy of Jackie Domaingue).

This was WDRC's Mobile Studio D in September 1974.

Click for Little Dee, the Big D dune buggy.

July, 1973 - Chief engineer Wayne Mulligan drove the station wagon; I don't remember which specific vehicles were assigned to others, although the drivers were general manager Dick Korsen, sales manager Dick Robinson and news director Walt Dibble. Charlie Parker also drove a company car but it was "unmarked."

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