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40th Anniversary
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Friday, August 18, 2000 marked the 40th anniversary of WDRC dropping CBS network programming and instituting local pop music programming. Big D FM marked the occasion with a week-long celebration, bringing back many voices and sounds of the past (clips courtesy of Brian Kowalenko).

audio - WDRC 40th anniversary PAMS Series #27 ID Anniversary Jingle - This PAMS Series #27 classic cut was recorded for the 35th anniversary in 1995.

audio - top of the hour ID Top of the Hour ID - This cut features a jingle from JAM's "Do It Again" package.

audio - Sandy Beach Sandy Beach - Sandy phoned in from WBEN Buffalo with his memories of his best man, Dick Robinson.

audio - Righteous Brothers concert promo The Righteous Brothers - Dick Robinson voices a promo for a 1965 Big D Big Show at The Bushnell.

audio - WDRC 40th anniversary montage Montage - Lee Roberts introduces this piece featuring Danny Thomas; Ken Griffin and Shirley Klein promoting an All Request Weekend; the listener song quest intro; Jaeger Earwitness News intro; and other memorabilia.

audio - Kent Clark aka Walt Pinto Kent Clark - He recalls a 1971 promotion (though he thought it was 1968) that brought The Birds to Hartford for Thanksgiving; he also reveals his real name!

audio - Tommy by the Who Tommy - Dick McDonough voices a promo for The Who's performance of the rock opera Tommy at another Big D Big Show from Bushnell (exact date unknown).

audio - Steve Skipp Steve Skipp - Skipper checks in with some memories of Big D.

audio - Larry Wells Larry Wells - The longtime midday mainstay points out he has been at Big D for half its 40 years!

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