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  WDRC Fun Club button audio:  August 18, 1960 Thursday, August 18, 1960 -- Funday!

If it was fun to do, Big D did it.

And over the years WDRC gave away thousands of prizes in the process. To play the earliest contests, listeners had to rely on the mailman rather than the telephone.


audio:  January, 1962 Boomerang/January, 1962 - Joel Cash brings back an oldie but goodie; notice that you have to mail in your entry to win!

audio:  January, 1962 Hits For Vicks/January, 1962 - Art Johnson also asks listeners to mail in an entry, naming an oldie but goodie to win an album.

audio:  1962 Funword/1962 - Jerry Bishop has drawn an entry and called the contestant; if she guesses the Funword she's a winner!

audio:  January, 1964 Winner's Circle Fun on Radio One/ January, 1964 - Diamond Jim Nettleton gives Linda Della Rippa a shot at Big D Record Roulette.

audio:  July 26, 1964 Secret Sound game/July 26, 1964 - Dick Pace has $84 for the first person who can mail in the correct round of sound.

telephone When Big D started doing phone-in contests, the volume of calls put a strain on Bell Telephone.

audio:  1963-64 No More Calls - If the deejay asked for caller #9, he would actually interrupt the song to tell listeners he had a contestant. This montage shows how Long John Wade and Kurt Russell did it.

audio:  December, 1964 When You Hear This Tone Hang Up Your Phone - In late 1964 WDRC came up with an electronic tone to notify listeners to stop calling for a contest. Jim Nettleton explains.

audio:  June 30, 1968 June 30, 1968 - Here's how the tone interrupted music less obtrusively than a spoken voice.

audio:  December 28, 1975 Variations On A Tone - In 1972 a female voice was added to the tone. And if listeners still didn't get it, there was a more direct variation. audio:  November 18, 1972

audio:  August, 1965 Holler for Help/August, 1965 - Long John Wade warns us to standby as The Beatles Holler for Help! Tickets to see their new movie are on the line.

audio:  December, 1965 Secret Sound winner/December, 1965 - Ron Landry introduces us to Bertha Harrington who cleans up, winning $504.

audio:  1967 Cash Call/1967 - Don Wade wakes up a contestant but doesn't give away the jackpot. Note that FCC rules about putting people on the air without warning prevented us from hearing the contestant!

audio:  December 5, 1967 Win A Sitar/December 5, 1967 - A cosmic Joey Reynolds voices what may be the longest promo in Big D history; Sandy Beach delivers a live tag.

audio:  June 30, 1968 Mission Impossible/June 30, 1968 - John Rode is the voice who wants us to identify the "golden oldie from yesteryear." (hint: think Kinks).

audio: June 2, 1969 - WDRC's Al Gates with a winner Estimate the Speed of Little D the Big D Dune Buggy/June 2, 1969 - Al Gates qualifies a listener to win a nine-foot surfboard.

audio:  March 26, 1972 Don't Say Hello/March 26, 1972 - Big D is 50 and Dick McDonough says we have to say so to win.

audio:  November 20-21, 1971 The Birds/Thanksgiving, 1973 - Find out who the real turkeys are!

audio: February, 1979 Freakout/February 1979 - Disco & inflation are sweeping the nation as Tom Kelly urges us to win a Big D Discodisc and win tickets to see the Village People & Gloria Gaynor!


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