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audio:  TM Custom/FM April, 1973/TM Custom Acapellas (Dallas) - This was a series of six short, acapella cuts specifically for use on Big D FM.

audio:  Tanner Land of the Free spring 1974/Tanner Land of the Free (spec) - Pepper Sound Studios, Inc., of Memphis, was a well-known producer of economical station jingles which were frequently provided for barter rather than cash. At this point in its history, Pepper had merged with Tanner Productions and produced a demo tape for a new package. This version never aired at WDRC but a re-lyriced version did (see next).

audio:  Tanner Friendly & Free summer 1974/Tanner Friendly & Free - The first station to air this package was WCOD on Cape Cod. WDRC's version used different lyrics and an entirely new musical logo from TM's "Friends" package.

audio:  PAMS Series #42A 1976/PAMS #42A (Dallas) - For the second time, WDRC turned to PAMS for an energetic series known as The Igniters.

audio:  Toby Arnold November 26, 1981/Toby Arnold shotguns (Dallas) - Arnold's jingle company was well known in the industry. WDRC FM turned to them for this package of shotgun, or short, energetic jingles.

audio:  PAMS-CPMG 1983 1983/PAMS-CPMG #18/25/26 re-dos (Dallas) - By 1983, both AM and FM were using fulltime oldies formats. The original PAMS was out of business but a company called CPMG had acquired the rights to sing new lyrics on classic tracks. WDRC mixed some of their original Series #27 cuts with newly produced jingles. Since WPOP had used both Series #18 (Sonosational) and #25B (Happy Difference) in its heyday, many of the cuts were already familiar to listeners.

audio:  PAMS-CPMG First Class 1984/PAMS-CPMG First class re-sings - CPMG introduced some new material with classic PAMS tracks and marketed them as the "First Class" package.

audio:  PAMS-CPMG First Class 1984/PAMS/CPMG First Class - Like the previous package, these were designed for an oldies format and were lyriced specifically for WDRC FM.

audio:  Century 21 KB prior to July 13, 1986/PAMS-Century 21 "KB" Package (Dallas) - During the 1980s, Century 21 became a leading jingle producer. This series was originally sung for WKBW Buffalo and was aired in Hartford on Big D FM.

audio:  TM Century 21 custom acapellas October 25, 1988/TM Century 21 custom (Dallas) - There are just two acapella cuts.

audio:  TM Century 21 Breakfast Club cuts November, 1988/TM Century 21 Breakfast Club custom (Dallas) - These three cuts were customized for the Brad Davis morning show. Real fans of old radio will recognize the similarity between these jingles and the show open for ABC Radio's longtime show, "Don McNeill's Breakfast Club;" this clip is from August 2, 1957.

audio:  CPMG Special Delivery prior to July 7, 1989/PAMS-CPMG Special Delivery (Dallas) - This was another FM package produced specifically for FM. It utilized the lyrics "Big D 103, Solid Gold."

audio:  TM Century 21 "Miami's WAXY" July 19, 1989/TM Century 21 "Miami's WAXY" Package (Dallas) - This was a syndicated package.

audio:  Thompson Creative "Oldies 103" 1994/Thompson Creative-Oldies Combo (Dallas) - This demo, in the mp3 format, comes from the company web site where you can download a lyric sheet; few of these cuts actually made it to the air. Larry and Susan Thompson also syndicated this package as "The Edge" for contemporary hit radio stations.

March, 2000/JAM Creative Productions, Inc.-Do It Again (Dallas) - For years, JAM has been a leading producer of syndicated and custom jingle packages. In its first partnership with Big D FM, this is the current package. In August, 2000 the package was resung to reflect the lyrics "102.9."

April 30, 2008/JAM Creative Productions, Inc.-Home of the Hits (Dallas) - After a long period without jingles, DRC FM began airing a syndicated package first heard on WCBS FM in New York in 2004.

2012/JAM Creative Productions, Inc.-Right Direction (Dallas) - Program Director Grahame Winters narrates this demo (in the mp3 format) for DRC FM's latest jingle package with a slant toward the station's 60s, 70s and 80s music. Like the "Home of the Hits" package, "Right Direction" contains a cut for WDRC HD 1.

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