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Sunday, August 20, 2000 - WDRC FM 102.9

12:00M - Robert M. Chenault (syndicated)
3:00AM - C.J. Stone (syndicated)
5:00AM - Mike Stevens & Beth Bradley (The Big D Morning Show)
10:00AM - Larry Wells
3:00PM - Doug Taylor
7:00PM - Glenn O'Brien

12:00M - Robert M. Chenault (syndicated)
3:00AM - C.J. Stone (syndicated)
6:00AM - Doug Taylor
10:00AM - Chris Ryan
3:00PM - Glenn O'Brien
7:00PM - Ron Sedaille (All Request Saturday Night)

12:00M - Robert M. Chenault (syndicated)
3:00AM - Mike Daniels (syndicated)
6:30AM - "Hot Seat" with Brad Davis
7:00AM - Gary James
11:00AM - Chris Ryan
3:00PM - Jack Carney
7:00PM - Grahame Winters
11:00PM - Humble Harve (syndicated)

3:00AM - Mike Daniels (syndicated)

  Sunday, July 18, 2004  
  WDRC AM 1360 WDRC FM 102.9  

12:00Mid-1:00AM Dr. Joy Browne
1:00-5:00AM Joey Reynolds
5:00-5:30AM Channel 3 Eyewitness
News simulcast
5:30-10:00AM Brad Davis & Dan Lovallo
10:00AM-12N Laura Ingraham
12N-2:00PM The Radio Factor with
Bill O'Reilly
2:00-3:00PM The Mary Jones Show
3:00-6:00PM Sean Hannity
6:00-7:00PM Jim Cramer's Real Money
7:00-10:00PM The Savage Nation
with Michael Savage
10:00-11:00PM Health Talk with
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
11:00PM-12:00Mid Dr. Joy Browne

12:00Mid-1:00AM Dr. Joy Browne
1:00-6:00AM Joey Reynolds
6:00-10:00AM Brad Davis & Dan Lovallo
10:00AM-12N Neal's Wheels Car Care Show
12N-2:00PM Health Talk with
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
2:00-3:00PM The Travel Show with Valarie D'elia
3:00-6:00PM Swing Thing
6:00-8:00PM The Best of Dr. Joy Browne
8:00-10:00PM Health Talk with
Dr. Ronald Hoffman
10:00PM-12:00Mid Shopping Smart
with Phil Lempert

12:00Mid-7:00AM Joey Reynolds
7:00-8:00AM paid programming
8:00-8:30AM Hotseat
8:30-9:00AM Mormon Tabernacle Choir (except WSNG)
8:30-9:00AM religious programming
(WSNG only)
9:00-11:00AM Broadway's Biggest Hits
11:00AM-1:00PM Sounds of Sinatra
1:00-2:00PM The Travel Show with
Valarie D'elia
2:00-4:00PM The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein
4:00-6:00PM Big Band Jump
6:00-8:00PM Simply Food with
Prudence Sloane
8:00-10:00PM American Standards By the Sea with Dick Robinson
10:00PM-12:00Mid The Garden Hotline
with Ralph Snodsmith

5:00-10:00AM Mike Stevens & Beth Bradley
10:00AM-3:00PM Larry Wells
3:00-7:00PM Doug Taylor
7:00-12:00Mid Jack Carney
(11PM-12Mid Rob Ray & The Friday Night Flashback)

5:00-10:00AM Doug Taylor
10:00AM-3:00PM Bruce Owens
3:00-7:00PM Jack Carney
7:00-12:00Mid Ron Sedaille
& All Request Saturday Night

6:30-7AM Your Town - Local Public Affairs
7:00-8:00AM Beatle Brunch
8:00AM-1:00PM Tom Zarecki
1:00-6:00PM John Saville
6:00-11PM The Sunday Night Sock Hop
with Mark Andrews
11PM-12AM Elvis Only!

News Director Beth Bradley;
morning traffic every 15 minutes,

Afternoon information updates at
3:55, 4:55 & 5:55pm; traffic every 15 minutes, 3:35-6:00PM.

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