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Joey ReynoldsJoey ReynoldsJoey Reynolds

While his time was relatively short at Big D, Joey Reynolds is one of the most fondly-remembered personalities. He was largely undisciplined on-air, frequently straying from the format to go off on a tangent. His stream-of-consciousness act showed early signs of the stand-up comic ability he employed later. Joey's characters included Captain Pumpernick, the crooked cop, and Jack Armstrong, the All-American weather boy.

audio - Joey Reynolds theme song sung by The Four Seasons Joey's theme song is almost as well known as he is. It was recorded by the Four Seasons after he wrote the liner notes to their "Sherry" album.

Joey's autobiography was published in early 2000 and is available for $17.45 plus S&H. Click on the book cover to order from Amazon.com.

Joey's autobiography

While Joey Reynolds recorded and released several singles (for example, "Rats In My Room," and "Ma Bell You've Got Me By The Phones") before and after his stay at WDRC, there were other Big D-jays who recorded and played records.

audio - Johnny Cymbal's customized version of "Rock & Roll Heaven" for WDRC There was also a special version of a Johnny Cymbal release (a sappy, early 60s version of "Rock & Roll Heaven") customized for The Friendly Five; the song was released on Kapp Records in May, 1963 and spent six weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 where it peaked at #58.

Ron Landry
as The Incognitos
audio - Ron Landry (The Incognitos) - Dee Jay's Dilemma Dee Jay's Dilemma
(Zee 001)
Dick Robinson and The
Niteniks featuring
Tommy Dae's High Tensions
audio - Beatnik Deejay by Dick Robinson and the Niteniks Beatnik DJ
(Fun Records)
Ken Griffin
as Ken Hartford
audio - Ken Griffin (aka Ken Hartford) sings Little Joe Gol.ightly Little Joe Golightly
(Southern Sound 119)

Not only did some of the deejays release records of their own, but the station released an album of oldies in April 1967 on Roulette Records (R-25347) called "Color Me OBG."

Pictured below (l-r:) unknown, Don Wade, Dick Robinson, Mike Millard, Ken Griffin & Sandy Beach. click photo for enlargement

Johnny Cymbal record

Color Me OBG LP cover
  What's Doin' Round Connecticut column - April 9, 1967

What's Doin' Round Connecticut column - April 9, 1967
What's Doin' Round Connecticut column - May 5, 1968

What's Doin' Round Connecticut column - May 5, 1968
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