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The Birds
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One of the many clever promotional stunts dreamed up by Charlie Parker was a Thanksgiving stunt in 1971.

On November 20, the DJs began updating listeners on an unusual west coast phenomena - a large flock of birds. Correspondents from the news departments at Buckley sister stations KOL Seattle (Gary West), KGIL San Fernando (Frank Bingnam), WWTC Minneapolis (Tom O'Neill) and WIBG Philadelphia (Pete Jackson), Big D tracked the unusual birds as they flew across country.

audio:  November 20-21, 1971 Being careful not to make any reference to the phenomena in WDRC newscasts, it eventually became clear the birds were turkeys headed to Hartford as contest prizes. In this composite two-day aircheck, listen as Kent Clark, Gary DeGraide, Bob Craig and Joe Hager play out the gag. The following story was published in The Bridgeport Post on Monday, November 22, 1971.


Bridgeport Post - Monday, November 22, 1971, p.20


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