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Morning Guys
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As goes the morning, so goes the rest of the day. That's an unofficial code by which contemporary radio stations live. WDRC has had many morning men during its history; click on the photos for more information. For this comparison, only those who held the wakeup slot for one month or more are included. Can you help fill in the blanks?

Russ Naughton (l-r:) Ken Reeth & Eddie King Ron Landry Don "Juan" Wade
Russ Naughton
Aug. 1942-Aug.1959
Bacon & Fay
Aug. 1959-Jan. 1960

Reeth & King
Jan.-Apr. 1960

Ron Landry
Apr. 1960-Mar. 1966
Don Wade
Mar. 1966-Oct. 1967
Sandy beach
Jim Jeffrey
Al Gates
WDRC's Bob DeCarlo
WDRC's Jack Miller
Sandy Beach
Oct. 1967-June 1968
Jim Jeffrey
June 1968-June 1969
Al Gates
Jun. 1969-Jan. 1970
Bob DeCarlo
Jan. 1970-Mar.1971
Jack Miller
Mar. 1971-Oct. 1972
Tom Hopkins (1993) WDRC's Pete Sullivan Steve Dunn @2000 Ted Dalaku WDRC's Jack Morgan
Tom Hopkins
Oct-Nov. 1972
Pete Sullivan
Nov. 1972-Mar. 1974
Steve Dunn
Mar.-May 1974
Ted Dalaku
May 1974-Sept. 1975
Jack Morgan
Oct. 1975-Oct. 1976
Bill "FM" Stephens Brad Davis Wdrc'S gARY bYRON  
Bill Stephens
Kris Kane
Nov. 1976-Apr. 1977
Brad Davis
Apr. 1977-April 2020
Gary Byron
April 2020 -present
WDRC's Dale Reeves WDRC FM's Mike Taylor WDRC FM's Roscoe WDRC's Brad Davis question mark
Dale Reeves
Aug. 2-14, 1971
Mike Taylor
Apr. 1977-May 1979
Jan. 1979-Jan. 1980
Brad Davis (AM &FM)
Jan. 1980-?
Was there another?
1980-Aug. 1982
WDRC FM's Jerry Kristafer WDRC FM's Marc Sommers WDRC FM's Mike Stevens WDRC FM's John Saville WDRC FM's Jerry Kristafer
Jerry Kristafer
Aug. 1982-Dec. 1997
Marc Sommers
Dec. 1997-Feb. 1999
Mike Stevens
Feb. 1999-July 2005
John Saville
Aug. 2005-December 2007
Jerry Kristafer
Jan. 2008-Oct. 2013
WDRC FM's Mike Stevens WDRC FM's Kim Zachary WDRC FM's Chaz & AJ WDRC FM's Michael Picozzi  
Mike Stevens
June 2009-July 2014
Kim Zachary
July-August 2014
Chaz & AJ
September 2, 2014-Dec. 2016
Michael Picozzi
January 6, 2017-present
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