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The Beatles
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WDRC climbed on the Beatles Bandwagon with a series of fun and innovative promotions:

February, 1964 - Twenty-five Beatle Wigs were awarded for correct answers to the scrambled fun phrase:
"Valentine for I like would four one the Beatles my of."

May, 1964 - Beatle Wallpaper was won by Cindy McLean of Simsbury for making the closest guess to the number of signatures listeners produced for a Dick Robinson Beatles petition contest (there were 60,200 actual names).

May, 1964 - Twenty-five listeners 25 won Beatle ball-point pens for guessing the total age of The Swinging Six (154).

WDRC Beatles movie ticket courtesy of Marianne Chrystalbridge
click for enlargement; courtesy of Marianne Chrystalbridge

I've Got My Beatles Movie Tickets Have You? WDRC

WDRC Radio One in Hartford - November 1964 calendar

Hartford Courant - June 20, 1964
Hartford Courant - June 20, 1964

June, 1964 - A Beatlebike contest drew 12,000 pieces of mail (above).

July, 1966 -Big D awarded tickets to the Beatles upcoming concert in New York's Shea Stadium (below). Click here to see Charlie Parker's letter to the winner.

WDRC found innovative ways to reunite The Beatles long after the group broke up.

Labor Day weekend, 1972 - One hundred Beatles albums were given away during a Magical Mystery Tour weekend (below).

May 17, 1975 - Listeners were invited to A Night with the Beatles at Showcase Cinema in East Hartford, featuring their four films:Yellow Submarine, Let It Be, A Hard Day's Night and Help!

November 28-30, 1975 - Four thousand slides and thousands of feet of historic film were combined for The Beatles...A Way With Words, a three-night show at the Hartford Civic Center.

August 27-29, 1976 - Big D celebrated Sixteen Years of Rock during a Beatles weekend, giving away complete Beatles album libraries and three 4x2' Beatle Mirrors.


tickets for Beatles concert at Shea Stadium, August 23, 1966
image courtesy of Kyle M. DiCiccio

audio - October 1969 One of the most curious episodes involving the Beatles occurred in 1969 when an international mystery was launched by speculation that Paul McCartney had died.

audio - October 1969 On October 25th, WDRC aired a special broadcast on the story.

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