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The Beatles
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audio - WDRC's Bessie's Beatles Sweepstakes July 26, 1964 - WDRC's Dick Pace explains the Bessie's Beatles Sweepstakes

audio - WDRC's Beatles Movie promo - July 26, 1964 July 26, 1964 - Hard Day's Night movie premiere

audio - promo for WDRC's Beatles Story - November 17, 1964 November 17, 1964 - The Beatles Story promo.

audio - WDRC listeners listen for the call to win tickets to see The Beatles at Shea Stadium - June 18, 1965 June 18, 1965 - Call to win tickets to Shea Stadium

audio - WDRC's Ron Landry gives a contestant a chance to win tickets to see The Beatles - June 18, 1965 June 18, 1965 - Beatles Derby winner on the Ron Landry show

audio - WDRC's Holler for Help promo - August 1965 August, 1965 - LJW's "Holler for Help" promo

audio - Long John Wade on WFIL Philadelpia - October 21, 1969 October 21, 1969 - LJW on McCartney rumors on WFIL Philadelphia

audio: montage of Beatles music produced by WDRC production manager Dan Siemasko April 1970 - When the Beatles announced their breakup, WDRC production manager Dan Siemasko produced this montage of all of the group's hits

Hartford Courant:  October 25, 1969

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In March, 1977, WDRC program director Charlie Parker sparked another brief national mystery by speculating that a new group on Capitol Records might possibly be the Beatles.
Billboard Magazine article about WDRC and Klaatu
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