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Ray Barrett
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  September 29, 1939 - WDRC Announcer Ray Barrett with Maxine Sullivan
September 29, 1939 - Announcer Ray Barrett welcomes singer Maxine Sullivan to WDRC's Just Music program. Born Marietta Williams in Homestead, Pennsylvania, in 1911, she was a protege of pianist Claude Thornhill. One of her biggest swing hits was the classic Scottish tune Loch Lomond.

WDRC's Ray Barrett with CBS Commentator Edward R. Murrow and WDRC founder Franklin M. Doolittle
Date unknown - Barrett talks with visiting CBS News commentator Edward R. Murrow while WDRC
founder Franklin M. Doolittle looks on.

Photos courtesy of Ray's daughter, Deborah Barrett Hatic


November 17, 1939 - unknown man and WDRC's Ray Barrett talk with CBS comedian Jimmy Durante
November 17, 1939 - Announcer Ray Barrett welcomes CBS comedian Jimmy Durante
to WDRC's Music Off The Road program (man on left is unknown). Barrett worked at
WDRC from 1937-42; in 1941 he was named Chief Announcer. Click here to read more.

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