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1934 Calendar
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For many years during the 1930s and 1940s WDRC issued an annual laminated pocket calendar. As it turns out, the 1934 version (right) coincides with much of 2012...if you don't count the leap year part.

Here are some prominent March dates in the annals of WPAJ/WDRC history:

March 13, 1923 - for the first time since going on the air three months earlier, New Haven station WPAJ filed for renewal of its U.S. Commerce Department license

March 1927 - WDRC gives up affiliation with NBC

March 1936 - WDRC stayed on the air by candlelight to reassure people during the famous flood

March 29, 1941 - WDRC AM moved to 1360 kilocycles - a frequency it has occupied ever since

March 1944 - Charlie Parker begins a 39-year stay at the Big D

March 20, 1947 - The FCC moved WDRC FM to 94.3 megcycles

March 2, 1952 - Vice president and chief engineer Italo A. Martino died at the age of 58

March 24, 1960 - newscaster Bud Steele scores a national coup with an exclusive interview from inside a prison riot

March 1962 - a charter member of the Friendly Five, Art Johnson, departs for a long stay at WTIC

March, 1964 - Jim Raynor departs the Friendly Five, making room for Dick Robinson

WDRC's 1934 pocket calendar

March 5, 1966 - morning man Ron Landry left for WBZ in Boston; Don Juan Wade was promoted to replace him and Wade's weekend slot was filled by Mike Millard

March 1968 - Jim Jeffrey arrived from Providence to join the WDRC staff

March 7, 1970 - West Hartford high school student, and CSB grad, Bill Hart joins Big D for weekends

March 16, 1970 - Bob Craig does his first show, beginning a 4 1/2 year stay

March 6, 1971 - morning man Bob DeCarlo leaves Hartford for Pittsburgh

March 16, 1974 - Pete Sullivan did his last show as morning man

March 4, 1979 - WDRC founder Franklin M. Doolittle died at the age of 85

March 1983 - Friendly Floyd Wright joins Big D FM for his first stint

March 1985 - Newsman Kevin Brownell left after 7 years at Big D

March 21, 1991 - Executive vice president and general manager Richard S. Korsen, and his wife Ursula, died in the crash of their private airplane; station manager and chief engineer Wayne Mulligan was appointed Korsen's successor

March, 1999 - Chris Rivers rejoined DRC FM for his second stint on the air

March 13, 2006 - Dan Lovallo hung up his news director hat on the morning show to begin hosting an afternoon task show on WDRC AM

March 31, 2008 - Marianne O'Hare concluded her service on the DRC FM morning show; she worked with John Saville and Jerry Kristafer

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