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March 5, 2003

My name is Vic Vincze. I used to live in Bloomfield back in the 60's and 70's, not too far from WDRC. As a kid I used to take a bus to downtown Hartford and visit 750 Main Street just to watch the DJ's. The secretary always kicked me out after a few minutes...oh well. I guess you can tell I was always a WDRC junkie...always winning contest prizes and such.

When DRC moved to Blue Hills Avenue after the building remodel, I'd ride my bike or walk to meet some of the on-air guys that I used to always pester on the phone. Back in 1975 I used to go there on Mondays to pick up the aired Casey Kasem AT40 (on vinyl). I still have those LP's.

In 9th grade I had a photography class, and the project I picked was to take photos at WDRC (got an A+ for that one). So I'm attaching 7 photos which were taken during early 1977 at the Blue Hills site.

1) Len Thomas from the back, on a Gates Stereo Statesman Board.
2) Len Thomas from the front.
3) Russ Dana & Bob Marx close to shift change.
4) Lon Landis in the news room.
5) The old Production room.
6) Charlie Parker meeting with Judd Coursey (Otis in the Nighttime).
7) Some old rack equipment.

I hope you enjoyed looking at them. Your website is great. It brings back a lot of memories for an old radio geek like me. Thanks!

Vic Vincze (e-mail)




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