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Ken Reeth, R.I.P.
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Ken Reeth - WDRC 1960

It is with a great deal of sadness that we report the passing of former WDRC morning personality Ken Reeth on May 9, 2005. We received the following note from his wife on May 10th:

"I am the bearer of sad news for all that knew Ken Reeth. He enjoyed corresponding with you. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with MDS and then Leukemia. I lost the love of my life last night. Barbara."

Ken was a staunch supporter of WDRCOBG.COM, sharing intimate details of his brief stay in Hartford as co-host of the Reeth & King morning show. His willingness to contribute memories and materials shed great insight into a pivotal time in WDRC's transition from network to locally-produced programming. Click here to read about those days.

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