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Red Wolf Broadcasting Buys WDRC
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Three and a half years after buying WDRC, WDRC FM and its sister stations from Buckley Broadcasting, Connoisseur Media has sold part of the package to Red Wolf Broadcasting for $8 million.

The transaction was announced on Monday, January 15, 2018. The two principals of Red Wolf are John Fuller, president, and Brian Ram, vice president. The company is based in Ledyard, Connecticut and was formed in 1990.

Connoisseur Media was just the third owner in WDRC's lengthy history when it bought the stations on July 7, 2014. Franklin Malcolm Doolittle founded the station in New Haven as WPAJ on December 10, 1922. On February 21, 1925 the call letters were changed to WDRC (Doolittle Radio Company). On December 5, 1930 WDRC began broadcasting from Hartford. Mr. Doolittle sold WDRC AM to Buckley-Jaeger Broadcasting Corporation of Connecticut for $815,000 on August 3, 1959. The new owners put WDRC FM on the air.

From 1996-1998 Buckley Broadcasting enlarged the company by acquiring three Connecticut AM stations: WSNG Torrington, WWCO Waterbury and WMMW Meriden. Since that time those stations have simulcast WDRC AM programming. WWCO will stay with Connoisseur and Red Wolf will pick up the others, as well as a number of translators and low power FM frequencies.

Red Wolf owns a number of radio stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.

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