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  WPAJ EKKO stamp WDRC EKKO stamp

During the earliest days of radio, listeners enjoyed trying to tune in distant stations. These "DX" listeners would send reception reports to the station hoping to receive the station's EKKO stamp, which would be glued into a special album. The samples to the left are early EKKO stamps for WPAJ and WDRC.

The sample on the right was issued by the Bryant Company in the early 1930s.

Sometimes stations would send form letters confirming reception, like the one below mailed to G.E. Jacques in Hornell, NY on December 1, 1931.

WDRC Bryant stamp  
Here is a very rare listener verification card from 1926. WPAJ changed call letters to WDRC on February 21, 1925.
1926 WDRC QSL card

  WDRC 1931 verification letter   
  WDRC 1931 verification letter   
  WDRC 1931 verification letter   
  Still later, stations printed QSL cards to quickly respond to DX fans, like the ones below from 1943.
1943 WDRC QSL card 1943 WDRC QSL card

Cards were out and letters were in when this QSL was issued in 1947.

1947 WDRC QSL letter

Here is the same card, signed by two different chief engineers (1966 on the left, 1970 on the right).

1966 WDRC QSL card 1970 WDRC QSL card
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