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In 1973 WDRC Sales Manager Dick Robinson sold the M&M/Mars Candy Company on a summer-long promotion. It involved the Man From Mars driving around Big D Country knocking on doors, looking for any of the pictured M&M/Mars products. If you had one you won a check for $100 on the spot. The webmaster of this site, Ed Brouder, was the Man From Mars.

M&M's Plain

3 Musketeers

Mars Alomnd

Munch Peanut Brittle

Big D Sound Survey - June 22, 1973

audio - June 4, 1973 - June 4, 1973 - pre-promotion spot

audio - June 27, 1973 - winner Patty Bernier of North Branford

audio - July 1973 - winner Ann Hoenberger of Holyoke

Milky Way


M&Ms Peanut

Snik Stak Stiks

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