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Dick McDonough
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WDRC's Dick McDonough

What difficult tasks people take on in the name of science!

On January 26, 1970 WDRC personality Dick McDonough became an on-air human guinea pig to illustrate the dangers of drinking and driving. Over the course of his afternoon show, Dick consumed seven drinks under the watchful eyes of newsman Pat Sheehan, a doctor and a Connecticut state trooper.

He completed various tests to demonstrate how the booze was affecting his physical responses.

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audio - January 26, 1970 - show begins, ring test, first drink
audio - January 26, 1970 - more drinks, another ring test
audio - January 26, 1970 - Dick butchers a commercial
audio - January 26, 1970 - Joe Hager takes over

The Hartford Courant - Tuesday, January 27, 1970
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