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Long John Wade, R.I.P.
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Long John Wade

One of WDRC's Friendly Five, Long John Wade, passed away on Wednesday, May 15, 2006 at the age of 66. These pages contain a great deal of information about John, who was one of the few American disc jockeys who genuinely knew The Beatles.

For more on those days click here. To read the biographies of John, and his Big D other brother, Don, click here.


WDRC's Friendly Five: Ron Landry, Jim Nettleton, Sandy Beach, Long John Wade and Dick Robinson circa 1965

The Hartford Times - November 4, 1966

The Hartford Times, November 4, 1966


What's Doing 'Round Connecticut column in the Courant TV Week - September 4, 1966

What's Doing 'Round Connecticut column - September 4, 1966

Long John Wade (copyright Tom Wehde)

Long John Wade at WIBG Philadelphia in the 1970s
(photo © Tom Wehde



Click here to read a 1965 letter sent by Long John to one of his WDRC fans.

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