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Buckley announcement on HD Radio

Since its start in 1922, WDRC has pioneered as the technology of broadcasting has evolved. Binaural, frequency modulation and FMX stereo broadcasting are just three examples.

This announcement from WDRC FM's parent company indicates the station would be among the leaders in High Definition Radio.

In 1991 three American firms began working on a digital radio standard. Nine years later the technology companies and the broadcast community consolidated the effort, forming iBiquity Digital Corporation. The FCC adopted an in-band, on-channel (IBOC) standard in 2002. HD transmitters are on the market now and eventually the public will begin buying HD radios, just as they are purchasing satellite radio receivers.

As the technology advances broadcasters will turn off their traditional analog signals and broadcast entirely in HD digital with superior audio quality. Stations will have the ability to offer several program streams instead of just the two formats offered on a traditional analog AM and FM frequency.

For more information on HD radio, visit the Broadcast Electronics site.

This commitment represents an investment in the future and underscores our belief in the ability of HD Radio technology to revolutionize AM and FM radio. Our ability to leverage the HD Radio digital platform to deliver more news, information, and music programming at no additional charge to our listeners will provide a value that no subscription-based service can match. - Richard Buckley, President, Buckley Radio

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