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audio:  Merriman Custom October 31, 1967/Tom Merriman Custom (Dallas) - Tom Merriman was a central figure in Commercial Recording Corporation (CRC). When he went out on his own he produced a customized package for WDRC. While retaining the familiar musical logo, the lyrics were changed to "WDRC Is Hartford." Many of the cuts were mixed with an acapella "13-60" at the front, so the cuts could be used on AM or FM. The series contained one cut specifically for Big D FM.

audio:  Merriman Winner's Circle/short May 18, 1968/Tom Merriman Winner's Circle w/ short outros (Dallas) - These themes were used as personalities played the Top 13 hits. The October package included chanted numbers (7, 12, etc.). The cuts were re-edited and WDRC's traditional countdown numbers with reverb were inserted.

audio:  Experimental FM IDs September 3, 1968/unknown Experimental FM ID's - These cuts sound like edited versions of the Roy Ross package, though it is possible they were actually re-sung by Merriman's singers. There are just 3 cuts and each ends cold on the word "Hartford" rather than ending with an instrumental punctuation.

audio:  TM RB Format March 21, 1969/TM RB Format (Dallas) - By this time Tom Merriman had incorporated as TM Productions. Four acapella cuts (voice only) were produced utilizing the familiar musical logo but neither the words "Is" or "In" between "WDRC" and "Hartford." Their use was limited.

audio:  1959 May, 1969/Custom oldies intros - These were not jingles in the truest sense, but instead were a series of tympani drum stabs followed by the spoken year, 1955-1969. They were used to preceed an oldie. The voice belonged to the production man at Buckley's San Fernando station, KGIL.

audio:  1966 September, 1969/unknown Custom oldie intros - This series utilized one of the Roy Ross basic cuts plus an electronic effect and the sung year, 1958-70.

audio:  TM Friends February 8, 1971/TM Productions, Inc. Where Your Friends Are (Dallas) - This package marked a major departure for Big D in that it used an entirely new musical logo. The first client for this package was Buckley's Philadelphia station, WIBG. The WDRC version didn't include some soul-flavored cuts recorded for WIBG. The package did include two cuts specifically for WDRC FM. They began airing February 19, 1971.

audio:  TM Friends/unused cuts February 8, 1971/TM Productions, Inc. Where Your Friends Are (Dallas) - Here are six cuts that were recorded but WDRC didn't buy. They never aired and are heard for the first time on this web site, directly from the TM master reel!

audio:  DeGraide Xmas December, 1972/Susan & Gary DeGraide Christmas Custom - Announcer Gary DeGraide was married to a professional singer and together they wrote and performed ten cuts for holiday use which complemented the "Friends" package.

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