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Jimmie Allen
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1936 ad for The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen

Many of the programs heard on WDRC in its earliest days were provided by the CBS Radio Network. But one program that aired - at least in March 1936 - came from a non-network syndicator, World Broadcasting.

From 1933-37 the program was funded by Skelly Oil, a Midwest petroleum firm. It starred John Frank as 16-year-old pilot Jimmie Allen and Shelby Storck as his mentor, Speed Robertson. The show was inspired by the growing popularity of aviation and was suggested by two flying aces from World War I, Bill Moore and Bob Burtt. Kids could join the Jimmie Allen Flying Club and collect all sorts of premiums which are highly collectible today. At one time more than 600,000 kids received a weekly newspaper!

In 1946 another 400 episodes were recorded and distributed on behalf of various sponsors, notably International Shoe Company of Kansas City. For more on the program, click here.

Click here for schedules of WDRC's earliest programs.




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