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Beth Bradley update
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WDRC's Beth Bradley

Beth was the morning news anchor on DRC FM in Hartford from May 12, 1997 to October 14, 2006. She suffered a heart attack and subsequent medical complications forced her retirement.

On February 12, 2008, this update appeared on the station's official website.

Dear Radio Friends,

It has been many months since I've had the good health to  be reading the news or chatting with you on the air.  In a sense that seems like a lifetime ago.  As you know, I had a small heart attack back in October of 2006.

Unfortunately, there were other troubles with my attack that left me in need of a machine to pump my blood.

I am now on a new pump machine called a "Heart Mate 2" which has gotten lots of press.  It's being used in many states and I think it will help many very sick people in the future. This instrument has given me back some parts of my life.  I can go to movies or once in a while, out to eat.  I am so lucky to have such a caring husband who is with me every step of the way.  But the bottom line for me is that I need a new heart.

The wait for this very special gift takes time.  I have been called a couple of times, but the hearts weren't right for me.  I am now trying to eat well, put on weight, and hope that miraculous call comes in one day soon.

I hope life has been good to you.  Make yourself a donor the next time you go to the Motor Vehicle Department.  What a wonderful thing that is!

All the best,
Beth Bradley (e-mail)

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