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July 4, 1976
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It wasn't just another holiday. July meant America's annual Independence Day celebration. It was a very special Fourth of July in 1976 because the United States celebrated its bicentennial.

In the weeks leading up to July WDRC distributed thousands of red, white and blue bumper stickers at McDonald's Restaurants around Connecticut. Listeners could also pick them up in the studios at 750 Main Street in downtown Hartford.

audio - July 1976 Program director Charlie Parker created a Fourth of July contest involving giveaways of Beatles and Beach Boys albums.

WDRC's Bicentennial audio - 776: 200 Years of America's History WDRC production ace Dave Overson produced a special feature entitled "776: 7 minutes and 76 seconds - 200 Years of America's History." You'll hear the voices of the 1976 airstaff starting with Charlie Parker followed by Pete Ross, Jack Morgan, Ed Mitchell, Mike Taylor, Walt Dibble, ?, Jack Lawrence, Pam Cross and Dick McDonough.

WDRC #1 number sticker

As always, promotional genius Charlie Parker dreamed up a series of contests including cash giveaways for listeners whose cars were spotted with the #1 number stickers.

WDRC #1 number sticker

To celebrate America's birthday WDRC also promoted a series of concerts produced by Jim Koplik and Shelley Finkel:

  • July 7 - Seals & Crofts with Loggins & Messina at New Haven Coliseum
  • July 11 - Stephen Stills, Neil Young & Poco
  • July 14 - Jefferson Starship & Fleetwood Mac at Colts Park in Hartford
  • July 16 - Jethro Tull & the J. Geils Band at Colts Park

WDRC Big D Big Sound Survey for the week ending May 26, 1976

American flag

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