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Who hasn't made it through adolescence without adopting a favorite radio station? Some of us were lucky enough to even work at it.
This is the story of an Oldie But Goodie (an OBG)...WDRC in Hartford, Connecticut.

My family's connection with WDRC goes back a long way. On November 8, 1932, my grandfather - James R. Rabbett - delivered a speech on WDRC in a bid for the Connecticut State Senate (click to see first page of speech). During the late 1930s, my father - Ted Brouder - appeared on the station as a member of The Hartford Insurance Company's amateur theater group. My own involvement with the station began as a listener in the 1960s. I hosted a Sunday morning public affairs show at WDRC for a year which led to being hired for the summer of 1973 as Big D's "Man From M&M Mars."

Enjoy the tour and don't forget to check the station's official web sites: AM | FM.

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