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March 13, 2011

Hi Ed, Recently I was given a June 28, 1934 Springfield (MA) Union Newspaper. It has a Radio News and Programs section. The two Springfield stations were WBZA 990 and WMAS 1420. Also listed were Hartford WTIC 1040 and WDRC 1330, New York City WEAF 660, WJZ 760, WABC 860, Schenectady WGY 790 and Newark WOR 710. With your extensive historical knowledge you probably know all the older frequencies but I figured I'd include them on the theory you can never have enough sources. For what it's worth here are the days' listings for WDRC for June 28.

Chip Barone (e-mail)
Springfield, MA


8:00 A.M.Shoppers special
9:00 Eton Boys; Garden Musicale
9:45 Vagabond Pianist; Cooking School
10:00 News service; Artist recital
10:45 Musical Program; Sunny Side Up
11:30 The Madison Ensemble

12:01 P.M. Voice of Experience; Farm markets
12:15 Ad Liner; Hartford on Parade
1:45 News service; Accordion Joe
2:00 Organ Recital; Poetic Strings
3:00 The Metropolitan Parade
3:45 The Ambassadors
4:00 Detroit Symphony Orchestra
5:00 Jerry Cooper (songs)
5:15 Skippy sketch; All-American Boy
5:45 Buddy Welcome and his Orchestra

Tonight's Programs

6:00 P.M. Ciff Benson; Organ Tones
6:20 Phil Boudini; Baseball scores
6:35 Charles Barnet and his Orchestra
7:00 Beal Street Boys; Sylvia Froos
7:30 The Serenaders; Organ Tones
8:00 The Columbians; The Fact Finder
8:30 Ace High; Terry and Ted
8:45 Twenty Crowded Years - On June 28, 1914 the sudden bullet of an assassin ended
the life of Archduke Francis Ferdinand... ...The Columbia System will pesent a program
from 8.45 to 9.30, reviewing in dramatized form the...events ...and it will be heard
here over Stations WMAS [and WDRC]
10:45 McAdoo on "Future of America" - Senator William G. McAdoo will speak on
"The Future of the American Nation" and he will be heard over WDRC at 10.45,
and Senator Edward P. Costigan will discuss "Rebuilding America"
11:00 Vera Van News Service; Baseball Scores

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