WPOP Music Surveys

WPOP's earliest music lists were numbered which puts the likely date of issue for Chart #1 on Monday, September 24, 1956. Distributed through record stores, they were first called the Top Music Survey and listed 40 top-selling singles.

For a few weeks in early 1958 they were published in the Sunday Herald, a statewide newspaper published in Bridgeport.

WPOP Top Music Survey chart #204 - August 15, 1960
WPOP Top Music Survey chart #204 - August 15, 1960

By April 1962 the surveys listed 41 tunes known as the Magic 41.

By early 1964 The New WPOP was issuing The Pop Fourteen Plus Ten, for a total of 24 songs. By summer the Good Guys Tunedex listed just 20 singles plus the top ten albums. Those gave way to Sing Along Surveys in January 1965 listing 40 tunes.

On April 8, 1966 the surveys were retitled WPOP Home of the Good Guys Radio 1410 and the list was trimmed to 30 selections. The last of this series was issued January 13, 1967. Later that month WPOP's top 70 began appearing in the weekly Go Magazine. At the same time the lists were rebranded on-air and in print as the 1410 POPular Music Survey.

In early 1968 the number of records in Go Magazine was trimmed to 60 songs. By mid year they were titled Boss Music Surveys.

In 1970 Bob Paiva turned them into the Good Guys Popular Music Surveys, listing 60 songs, and they stayed that way for several years.

Starting in December 1972 the sheets listed just 40 records per week; during the year the number was reduced to 35 and then 30 tunes. In November 1973 the last version of the weekly charts became WPOP's Pop 30.

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April 14, 1958 December 16, 1968
November 27, 1962 August 22, 1969
July 17, 1964 October 6, 1970
June 11, 1965 (front) (back) March 10, 1971 (front) (back)
April 8, 1966 (front) (back) January 12, 1972 (front) (back)
April 29, 1966 March 14, 1973
January 20, 1967 September 18, 1974 (inside) (front) (back)
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